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Yuletide Witch Bells Bundle for House Protection by Eva Rose

- bundle of cypress, juniper, and pine branches (protection and luck)

- eucalyptus twigs (shielding, purification)

- Silver bells (protection)

- Silver ribbon (wide)

- white ribbon/string for the bells

- Additional charms of protection, if desired

- Essential oils, if desired (I’m using cypress and pine)

For this spell, I will call upon Brigid, as She is the one who I first started to work with when I performed a house blessing before I moved in here - Her altar is in my kitchen, my heart of my home.  But other protective goddesses would be advisable if you don’t have a “go-to” house goddess.  Or perhaps you could call upon any house spirits/Fae etc, that you work with.  The most important is that they have a connection to your house.

Ground and center, and connect to Deity, if you wish.

State your intentions clearly, such as:

On this waning Moon,

I gather the items before me with the intent of protection.

I ask you, <Goddess/spirit, etc.> to bless this working,

To bless this house

Ask each plant item as you use it to aid with the intended energies.

Tie the bundle of branches and twigs as best as possible with something sturdy, such as florists’ wire or a zip tie.

String the bells and tie them on, plus any additional items if you wish.

Add a couple drops of essential oils to the bundle, asking for “added security”.

Tie as neatly as possible a ribbon around to hide the wire, and prepare to hang on your door.

As you place it out front, once again state your intention:

Goddess, I ask you again to aid in protecting this house

May all who pass through this door be blessed with security

May all those who have ill intent be turned away.

After the “Festive Season” is over, I will take apart the bundle and dry the herbs for protective spells in the future:  The needles/leaves can be ground to a powder and sprinkled on the doorstep with the same intent.  The bells will be rehung with a small sprig of each plant, along with crystals and charms into a mini-Witches’ Bells, and hung in a less obvious place.

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