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Candle Spell for Personal Energy by Heather

For the intention of getting your ‘get up and go’ back when feeling lethargic or in a bit of a slump. Thank you to Amanda for asking for this spell.


Candle – white, black, yellow, or red.

Candle holder matches or lighter.

Herb/Food/Oil – bay, black pepper, daisy, lavender, oak, sesame, sunflower, coltsfoot, elm, plantain, chillies, coffee, curry powder, horseradish, paprika, saffron, grapefruit, orange, lime.

Symbol – pentacle.

Rune – Uruz, Thurisaz, Eihwas, Sowilo, Teiwaz, Ehuwaz.

Ogham – Duir, Gort, nGétal.

Petition – write this in black or red ink.  You could also print out a picture of the tarot card and write your petition on this.

Tarot card – Strength, Six/Seven/Nine of Wands, the Emperor, the Star, any of the Kings

Oracle card – one that resonates with you and your intention.

Crystals – agate, amber, bloodstone, orange calcite, garnet, gold, hematite, jasper, labradorite, malachite, obsidian, pyrite, quartz, silver, sunstone, tiger’s eye, turquoise, unakite.

Other items – pictures representing what you why your energy boosted, any item which your intuition nudges you to include.

In her Practical Candle Magic book Rachel provides the following chant, for strength which works well for this intention, or adapt it (for example, substitute strength for energy) –

Candle magic, I ask of thee

Give me strength; send it to me.

Power and courage to make me strong,

To help me move my life along!


You can watch a chat about this spell here


The guide for the basic spell working is here -



Sources –

Practical Candle Magic: Witchcraft with Wick & Wax by Rachel Patterson

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