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A Guide for Candle Spells by Heather

Rachel has kindly given us a template to work from in her book Practical Candle Magic.  From this base we can make modifications which fit in with our personal magical workings.

First choose and charge the candle, herbs, oils, and any extras with your intent.  If you want to know more about this, there is a blog, with chat, about why and how to charge your spell ingredients here -

Carve corresponding symbol/s into your candle.

Dress the candle with oil. Roll the dressed candle in your chosen herbs or sprinkle them around the base of the candle, remember less is more, oils and dried herbs are flammable, you don’t want to risk causing a fire.  Set the candle in a safe holder.

If using one, place you petition in front of or underneath the candle.  The petition can also be lit from the flame and placed in a fireproof dish to burn out (that would be my choice as I do love to set fire to things!).

If using, place a tarot or oracle card behind the candle and a crystal in front.

Allow the candle to burn down.  Alternatively, snuff it out to relight over the next few days repeating your chant and visualisation.


You can watch a chat about this here


I plan to use this as a guide for more spell chats over the next few weeks, with your help, by giving me suggestions for the spell you would like to see me work.

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I see the oracle card comes from the Earth Magic Oracle. Lovely deck. I bought it a few years ago, inspired by a friend who sadly died during Covid, and only clicked with it recently, before realising how good it is and how many people have got it! Some of the cards are absolutely loaded.

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