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Kitchen Witch began life as an online shop for small hand crafted Witchcraft items

in the kitchen of Witch and author, Rachel Patterson. A couple of years later it morphed into an online forum.

Then in 2012 the doors for the online worldwide Kitchen Witch School were flung open and it has continued to grow and develop ever since.

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About Us


Rachel Patterson

High Priestess of the KW Coven and Elder at the School.  Rachel is a Witchcraft author with books published by Llewellyn and Moon Books.  She gives regular talks at Pagan events and writes for Fate & Fortune, Pagan Dawn, Magical Times and Witchcraft & Wicca magazines. She has her own blog and writes for Patheos Pagan and Witches & Pagans.


Ness Armstrong

High Priestess, crystal guru and Rune Magician (studied the Foundation Course for Rune Magicians by Imelda Almqvist). Blogger for the KW blog.


Sue Perryman

High Priestess, crystal guru and potions maker. Tarot and rune reader. Blogger for the KW blog.


Heather Dewhurst

High Priestess, lotions, potions and magical food. Water Priestess. Blogger for the KW blog.


Gypsy Willowmoon

High Priestess, Reiki Master & Reiki Drum, Crystal Practitioner, Kryst Clearings, Ancestral Line Work.


KW School of Witchcraft

Come on over and see what we do...