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The Torch of Brighid: Flametending for Transformation by Erin Aurelia, book review by Helen Brambley

When you feel drawn to a particular deity, what more could you want from a book than to have a knowledgeable, yet personal perspective on honouring them, which is exactly what Erin Aurelia offers and inspires the reader to do the same.

I love that she begins the book with a disclaimer, that the book is NOT claiming that it shows the only way to honour Brighid, or to be some kind of historically accurate past reconstruction. What it shows is the journey the author takes, from her own beginnings in honouring Brighid, towards creating her own practice to include elements she felt were needed, such as community, daily interaction, creation of meditations and rituals.

The link she makes with the Ogham, adapting and including it in her practice, I feel is very clever and fits perfectly with the 20 day cycle of 'flametending' which honours Brighid. There are 20 trees, split into 4 groups which she uses to represent the 4 stages of a spiritual journey, also correlating to the 4 seasons and running alongside the cycle of 20 days of flametending for Brighid.

She incorporates meditations, rituals, different exercises and development of journalling skills to guide the reader on a spiritual journey from beginnings, to growth, letting go of what is no longer needed and through it, transforming.

If you feel drawn to Brighid, this book is an excellent gude to showing how you can create your own practice and use instinct to make links for what feels right for you. The author ends the books by saying: 'Brighid is an apt guide...her torch will guide, inspire and fortify you along your way by showing you how to embody her power to steer your ongoing transformative process.'

This book has definitely inspired me to think more creatively and to use my instinct in the honouring of deity in my daily practice. 5/5

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08. aug. 2023

I am currently reading this one. I bought this book just before the Sale went on! I too liked the introduction disclaimer. It is the one thing that really resonated with me about our group and the class itself, do things in a way that connect with "you"! Make it personal! I love that Rachel, Ness, Sue, and Heather are here to gently guide us and correct us when necessary lol but at the same time they are teaching us to trust ourselves and look within and make it our own practice, our on path. Thank you Ladies so much for each of your inputs on my journey, you are appreciated.

Synes godt om
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