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A Path through the Forest - Collected Essays on Druidry, Luke Eastwood (due to be released 26/4/2024) by Heather

For anyone interested in the history of the current pagan communities, especially in relation to Irish Druidry, this book may be useful.  It is a collection of the authors articles, essays, and interviews, describing his journey to becoming an Irish Druid.

He gives historical background to the information, citing where this may not be accurate but is what is currently available.  He also provides his own thoughts and understanding of these, giving the reader an insight into how the ideas are not dogma, that they can be adapted by the individual to be relevant to use in today’s world.

The author has written many thought provoking ideas and statements, offering his perspective from his own journey.

 Whilst the reader can acknowledge the authors path, by keeping an open mind and using the information provided to expand your own perceptions, some points may lead to an acceptance to agree to disagree.

As the author says so well -

‘Perhaps it’s time to accept responsibility for our own personal Gnostic journey — to begin understanding both ourselves and the divine. If we all took responsibility just for ourselves only and bringing the sacred into our own lives, this might bear more fruit than endless religious debate and conflict. Surely, when our lives come to an end, how we, ourselves, have chosen to live is all that really matters? What everyone else chooses to do is not our responsibility.’

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