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Book Review - Energy Magick ~ Mark Necamp Jr by Heather

The author provides the reader with information to enable them to undertake magical practices simply by the manipulation of energy, no tools, or other items necessary.

Divided into three sections, the first gives the prime grounding of energy use, which although directed at the beginner, I feel is useful for all practitioners, as going back to basic can stimulate new ways of working.  The second, then discusses more advanced techniques, but even if someone is new to this subject, if they follow the suggestions in the book, they will be able to utilise this section too. The final is a grimoire, with suggestions of how to put all that has been imparted in the previous sections, into action.

The author has succeeded in presenting an encouraging book, written in an informal, inspiring manner.  There are passages of direct information, but these are interspersed with anecdotes from the authors personal experience, case studies, and exercises to enable the reader to try out, and become familiar with, the models presented.

Perfect book for all practitioners whatever their experience.


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