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Book Review - Fairy - The Otherworld by Many Names, Morgan Daimler by Heather

So happy to have another informative and well researched book from Morgan Daimler. 

In a book of 114 pages, 7 are dedicated to the bibliography, which personally are very useful as this enables the reader to investigate the original sources for themselves, because as the author says, ‘Every book ultimately reflects the biases of the author’ and challenges the reader to look into what their own beliefs are.

The author’s decision to focus on Otherworld beliefs from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England, and modern popular culture, but not including Norse beliefs around Alfheim does keep the book on subject.  Whilst those beliefs may have influenced the ones they primarily focus on, the inclusion here might have meant restricting the information that could be included in a Pagan Portals book.  In fact, given the complexity of this subject, the author has succeeded in providing a base from which a lifetime’s study can ensue, following the threads from the separate but related cultures, demonstrating the similarities along with the way each culture has formed its own belief around Fairy.

The first chapter provides the information concerning What is the Otherworld?  The next chapters are then devoted to discussing each cultures views about the Otherworld, with the next chapters including Christian influences and Modern Culture. 

This book is going to be of interest to those new to learning about the Otherworld, and also those who are already travelling this pathway.

You can see a chat about this book here -

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