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Dragon Magic by Rachel Patterson ~ book review by Heather

The official blurb about this book is -

The Dragon represents the unknown, the hidden energy in humans and in nature. Dragon Magic introduces you to the amazing and wonderful world of the Dragon, delving into its mythology and history — and then some — to help guide you along your own path toward meeting and working with Dragon energy.

However, the blurb does not do justice to what this book is, because this is a volume about dragons which is more than a listing of their names and attributes from across the globe!

In her usual approachable, down to earth writing style, Rachel gives us this and so much more.  Divided into four sections, Part I: Dragon Beginnings, Part II: Myths, Legends and Stories, Part III: Dragonology, cover what can be found in most other resources.

It is in Part IV: Dragon Magic, which actually takes up half the book where the fun really begins.  Included here you discover what Dragon magic is, how to summon a Dragon through to mediations, altars, Dragon Candles, Spells, and so much more, right through to the Yogic practice of Dragon Breathing, Rachel has got it covered. 

Everyone from beginner to experienced practitioner, will find ideas presented in this book to enhance their relationship with Dragons and their magic.

You can see a chat about this book here

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