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The Magic of Wasp by Vanessa Armstrong

It was a beautiful day yesterday, so I thought that while I was out walking, I'd record some video for my 'Musings' blog. It was going well and I was nearly at the end of my walk so thought I would film some newly blossoming elderflower when I heard a loud buzzing near my head. I shook my head and the buzzing got louder. I then realised I had either a wasp or a bee in my hair. Holding my dog on his lead in one hand and trying to shake the distressed insect out with the other wasn't easy. All of a sudden I felt it sting my head and the buzzing intensified. I got a little panicky at that point as I was worried about getting stung again as the buzzing didn't stop, so it was obviously a wasp and not a bee. My head hurting now, I slapped where the buzzing was. I never intentionally kill anything, if I can help it, but I wanted a. to avoid getting stung again and b. get it out of my hair. The buzzing did stop and despite combing my hair with my fingers, I didn't find the culprit. Upon inspection at home of my sore head, hubby said there wasn't any sting left in my head, so it probably was the wasp I thought it was.

The pain in my head subsided a few hours later, so I thought I'd research our poor wasp and its magical symbolism..

It was interesting to learn that Wasp in some African traditions is a symbol of evolution and control over our life circumstances.

In Native American tribes, the wasp is the creator of the earth and symbolises order, organisation and productivity.

Wasps are also connected to fertility, progression, communication and team work.

Wasps are social beings - so that's why they always want to be around us!! - and they have a special way of communicating with each other. So when they cross our path (or get in our hair), it means that we need to consider our methods of communication and how we express ourselves. How we are being heard and understood.

Wasps also encourage us to be more organised and they assist us with goals and ideas connected with home making - be it a new home or decorating a present one. Not just papering and painting, but making your house homely and putting your 'stamp' on it.

Wasp also opens our minds eye to the many opportunities around us. It reminds us to action those opportunities that present themselves to us. Our goals won't fall in our laps, we have to work for them!

Some of those messages definitely resonate with me but did she have to gift me with a sore head to get her message across??

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