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KW Online Ritual May 2024 (what we will be making) by Heather

Our next ritual is on Saturday 4th May 2024 at 7pm UK time, streamed live and will be recorded, on KW Coven FB page and KW YouTube channel.

We are going to be making a Mandala, you will need –

A plate, tray or other surface to design your mandala on.

A candle – your choice of colour, candle holder, matches or lighter.

A central card or picture representing creativity to you, for example, if using a tarot card, then I would choose one of the following - The Magician, The Fool, The Empress, or the Wheel of Fortune.  Alternatively, you could write something along the lines of ‘I am creative’.

Use your intuition, and what you have available, to decide which of the following resonates with you for the intention of creativity –

Crystals – amethyst, blue lace agate, moss agate, amber, aventurine, bloodstone, orange calcite, Citrine, garnet, goldstone, howlite, jade, larimar, pyrite, malachite, quartz, rhodochrosite, sodalite, tiger’s eye, tourmaline.

Herbs – all spice, basil, hemp, sage, lemon balm, ginger, bay, beech, cumin, chilli flakes, cinnamon, lemon grass, mugwort, rosemary, turmeric, mustard seed, oats, barley.

Flowers – lavender, passionflower, jasmine, hibiscus, camellia, rose, daisy, dandelion, bluebell, buttercup, carnation, foxglove, geranium, honeysuckle, marigold, poppy, sunflower, tulip, violet.

Dirt – from an artist grave, outside an artist’s home, from outside an art gallery, etc.

Other suggestions - cards, statues, paint, crayons, glitter, googly eyes!

You can see a recording of this here -

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