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Kitchen Witch Online Ritual for Growth by Ness

Spring has sprung here in the UK – Mother Nature has stirred from her winter slumber, and she is busy. Thoughts turn to our own lives – making plans for the coming year, sewing seeds physically and spiritually. What do we want to do? Is there something that you’ve always wanted to do and decided that this year is the year to do it? What changes do you want to make in your life or how you do things? What do you want to do to achieve personal growth? 


You will need: 

A spell candle or similar in a colour that represents growth to you. You may inscribe it before the ritual with sigils or runes, or a word or words that correspond to Growth. Runes that correspond with Growth are: 

Berkana – fertility 

Ingwaz – Seed of Potential 

Eihwaz – Growth 

A small jar (jam jar size but whatever you have available) or bottle with a lid. You can even use a small box with a lid if you prefer.  

Seeds of your choosing. Ideas for seeds are limitless: 

Sunflower, Sesame, Bird Seed, Fennel, Cumin, Coriander, Pumpkin, Apple, Orange... 

You may want to add herbs or flowers that correspond with growth. Ideas for these include the leaves or flowers from the above-named seeds.  


When you are ready, we will connect to one another and our sacred space. 

Light your candle and focus on the flame for a moment. Take some long deep breaths until you feel relaxed.  

“By the power of solid earth and stone” 

“By the might of strong winds and soft breezes” 

By the warmth of the Sun and the dancing flames” 

By the waters of turbulent seas and gentle streams” 

“We are connected” 


Jord (pronounced YORD) - Goddess and Giantess of Earth, the fertile soil,  

Source of life, fertility and Growth 

We welcome you to our ritual 



Take your jar, bottle or box and hold it in your hands for a moment. Think about the Growth that you would like to manifest in your life. This could be personal or spiritual growth. You may want to improve your communication, have success in your chosen career or endeavors. Be a better person to yourself and others. You may want to push yourself further on your chosen spiritual path.  

When you are ready, take a seed and drop it into your jar. You can put as many as you wish for this ritual, but the idea is to add to it daily – either first thing in the morning or in the evening, focusing on the intent of growth. As your intent grows, so does the jar of seed.  

You may want to add a chant of your choosing or: 

“With each of the seeds that I plant each day 

May the Growth that I seek come my way!” 


You can add herbs, paper petitions, if the ingredients are dry.  


When the jar, bottle or box is either full or you feel that it has enough in it, pop the lid on and you can seal it with some wax if you would like. Your charged growth jar is now ready to manifest into your growth desires... 


Eat, Drink and Share 


Close Down


Jord, Goddess and Giantess of Earth, we thank you for your presence at our ritual today. 



“By the power of solid earth and stone” 

“By the might of strong winds and soft breezes” 

By the warmth of the Sun and the dancing flames” 

By the waters of turbulent seas and gentle streams” 

“We always remain connected but our ritual here is done” 

A link to the replay of the ritual can be found here

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