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Spell of the Month; Plant Elixir by Heather

I like to make this magical potion to give my garden and house plants a treat.  It is best made on a sunny day during a new, waxing or full moon.

Fill a bottle or jar with water, I also like to add crystals to my elixir: citrine for abundance, aventurine to protect from pollution and a clear quartz crystal to enhance positive energies.  I cleanse the crystals, then charge them with the intention of my plants all growing well.  Dropping them into the water, I hold my bottle and visualize my plants being lush, colourful and fruitful.

Place your bottle/jar where it will be able to absorb the energies from the sun and the moon for 24 hours.  As I do this I say whilst looking up at the sky or you can say your own words:

‘Powerful energies of the Sun and Moon fill my water now,

To make my plants lush and fruitful, support them as they grow!’

I then keep the bottle near my watering cans, adding a little of this elixir when I am watering my garden or the plants indoors.

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