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Moss Agate by Sue Perryman

Element: Earth

Planet: Moon

Astrological sign: Virgo

Deities: Bona Dea, Aurora, Gaia, Cerridwen, Nyx, Clota, Callisto, Jana


Magical properties: Prosperity, abundance, success, healing, growth, protection, creativity, focus, confidence, new beginnings, inner strength, communication, cleansing, calming, luck, self-esteem.

In the month of April, the weather is hopefully a bit sunnier and warmer for most of us in the Northern Hemisphere, meaning the gardeners amongst us can spend more time tending our gardens.

April is also the month that we celebrate Earth Day on the 22nd. There are many grounding crystals that would be suitable to focus on this month, but I decided to go with a crystal that is associated with gardeners and plants of all kinds.

Moss agate is not technically an agate as it is not banded, but like other agates its chemical composition is Chalcedony, which is a stone of the Quartz family. It has similar intriguing patterns made of dark green, moss like dendritic inclusions usually of manganese or iron.

This is one of my favourite stones, it has a beautiful comforting energy, when I hold one it feels like getting a hug.

Moss agate is strongly associated with nature and is especially useful to gardeners and those working in horticulture. Placing a tumble stone in a plant pot or flower bed does seem to boost the plants health and growth.

This useful crystal is not only for the gardeners among us, it is associated with growth of all kinds including prosperity, love, business, promotion, health, trust and abundance.

Keep a small crystal in your purse or wallet to attract financial growth.

Keeping a Moss agate crystal on you when meeting new people may attract new like-minded friends.

If you are in a relationship, keeping two Moss agate crystals in small green bag or dish beside your bed with a pinch of rosemary may inspire a strong faithful and lasting love.

If you are self-employed or run a small business, keeping a bowl of Moss agate in your work area may attract new clients and prosperity.

Known as a birthing stone, Moss agate aids Midwives in their work and supports the mother to be throughout labour and birth.

A stone of new beginnings and release, Moss agate supports those who wish to reconnect with the world after a period of withdrawal or illness and helps with releasing old fears and blockages that have held you back in the past.

Moss agate encourages a speedy recovery from any illness. It is believed to be anti-inflammatory and can cleanse the circulation and elimination systems. It relieves colds, flu and other viral illnesses and boosts the immune system.

Despite its gentle energy, Moss agate enhances concentration and focus, it fills those who tend to procrastinate with inspiration and a determination to complete their goal.

Moss agate’s calm energy can help us to disconnect from the noise and distractions of the modern world, making it a fantastic crystal to meditate with.

Working with Moss agate brings peace, balance and stability, it can soothe extreme mood swings and bad temper replacing negative emotions with a deep sense of inner calm.

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