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October Rhythms of Magic - Meditation - Sunchylde Dryadmoon

Take a deep breath in through your nose and a long sigh out through your mouth. Feel any tension in your body start to melt away as you become comfortable and relaxed. Take another breath in through your nose, the air going deep into your stomach, then slowly and gently release the breath out through your mouth.

Your everyday thoughts and worries fade away as you bring your attention solely to your breath as it moves gently in and slowly out. The world around you starts to dissipate and as it slips away.

You open your mind’s eye to find yourself at the edge of a lake. It is early evening and the water looks so inviting, so you decide to take a dip. You remove your clothes and hang them on a nearby tree branch and step slowly into the lake. The water is a little cold but it is welcoming to soothe your aching muscles.

You swim into the centre of the forest lake and dive down into the water. Once beneath the surface you open your eyes and are surprised that you can see everything in crystal clear detail despite the fading light above. You see the roots of the water plants and swim through them freely.

Underneath the water the lake seems much bigger than it does from above. You are wondering about this when you notice what looks to be a figure swimming towards you. The top half of their body is definitely human but their bottom half is made up of fins and scales. A Merperson!

They smile at you and indicate for you to follow them. They swim deeper into the lake and you worry that you won’t have enough breath. But you realise that under this water you don’t need oxygen for some reason and so you follow deeper and deeper without fear.

You follow along an underwater tunnel and out into a pool. You reach the surface expecting to be gasping for air but you are comfortable. You swim over to the edge of the pool and climb out and the Merperson follows you this time. As they climb out you are amazed to witness their tail immediately transform into legs.

You are both standing in an underground cavern and you realise that you are in the presence of a water deity and they have a special message for you.

They finish their message and it is time for them to go but they give you a gift as a reminder of your swim through the lake together. They then bid you farewell before diving back into the pool. As you watch the ripples on the surface of the water you slowly start to become aware of your breath as it slowly moves in and out.

You slowly become aware of your surroundings again and give your fingers and toes a wiggle. Take your time and open your eyes when you are ready, make a drink, eat some chocolate to ground and journal any messages you were given.

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