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Sacred Space Meditation (guided) by Sue Perryman

Taken from Rachel Patterson's book Meditation ~ published by Moon Books.

I was listening along to Rachel’s Wednesday morning chat on meditation last week and she mentioned how much easier she found it if she could listen to a recording of a guided meditation. I have to agree, I can never remember everything no matter how many times I read through one. It got me thinking about her fantastic Pagan Portals book ‘Meditation’, there are some fabulous meditations in it, and I thought it was a shame none of them were recorded. Then I had a light bulb moment and decided to record some of them myself, although I’m not sure about listening to my own voice while meditating!

The link to Rachel's talk on meditation can be found here

I’ve started with the Sacred Space meditation, although quite a short one, I feel it’s one of the most important to learn, it can be adapted to whatever you want, whenever you feel a need to go to your sacred space. It’s somewhere you can meet deity, get answers to questions, or be a safe space you go to when you need some peace and clarity. I will record more in the coming weeks and hope you enjoy them.

And the link to Sue's guided meditation can be found here

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Thank you, Sue. I love your readings and look forward to more recorded meditations!


Jun 02, 2023

Blessed Be and Merry Meet! Thank you for sharing this. I love Rachel's books and have purchased several since I started this journey, but didn't know about this one. I instantly purchased it. I am also going through Meditation Magazine's Meditation Teacher Training so I am devouring anything I can find about meditation. Thank you so much for all the info and wisdom you share!😘😘

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