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Musings of a Village Witch - April

April 3rd - my daily walk takes me in a different direction at the moment. A footpath alongside a field... nature continues to do her work: nettles, grasses, cow parsley, cleavers, all thriving in the hedgerows and along the paths. Blossom stronger now on blackthorn and wild cherry trees. Birdsong can be heard clearly in the eerie silence. A woodpecker pecks away, it’s unmistakable drumming sound can just be heard in one of the trees. Crows caw at one another.

April 11th - quiet again but for the sounds of the birds. Without the hustle and bustle of people and cars, their sound seems so much louder now and definitely chirpier! I pause for a moment to just listen and connect with them. Their world continues as it was – as it’s always been – moving with the seasons. Nest building; foraging for sticks, grasses and feathers. Busy preparing for new life.

It seems strange not hearing the noise of daily human life but I’m taking some positivity from these awful times that we are in at the moment to just listen to nature and hear her breathe.

April 15th - the cow parsley is flowering now and the elder tree is starting to bud the wonderful elderflower which I hope to be able to make some cordial again this year. Some hives in an organic small holding can be seen through the hedgerows, which are flourishing with fresh green leaves, buds and the sound of the nesting birds and the busy sound of bees can be heard. Spring has definitely sprung in this village and thoughts turn to even warmer days and the sights and sounds of summer!

This month I thought I’d make a crystal grid for protection and relieving stress. I worked with the following crystals and have listed what they mean to me.

Snow quartz – banishing stress

Green aventurine – anxiety, peace

Onyx – grounding, protection

Red jasper – worry stone

Orange calcite – happiness!

Mookait – self confidence

Amethyst – protection

Beltane is just around the corner so I thought it be lovely to make something that you can make and pop in your fridge to perhaps celebrate the sabbat with as you sit in your garden in the hopefully warm weather!

Beltane Dandelion Tonic

You will need: 50g or large handful of young dandelion heads. 1 litre of fresh orange juice Juice of one lemon Honey to taste – local, raw honey is best if you can. Method: Rinse the dandelion heads in cold water. Make sure you remove any green if possible, as these are bitter. Warm the orange and lemon juice together in a saucepan, add the dandelion heads and heat without boiling for a further couple of minutes. Strain the juice. Cool slightly before adding honey to taste. Pop into the fridge and once cold, dilute will still or sparkling mineral water. Use within a week. Always pick your flowers from a pesticide and dog-free site. Also, many plants should not be used during pregnancy, on young children or babies, or anyone with certain medical conditions. Recipe from the Hedgerow Apothecary - Christine Iverson

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