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Meditation to Meet a Sun Deity by Heather

Join Heather as she guides you in this meditation taken from Rachel Patterson's book Sun Magic in the Pagan Portal series by Moon Books

The link to the guided meditation can be found here

Make yourself comfortable in a place where you won’t be disturbed.

Close your eyes and focus on your breathing, deep breaths in …deep

breaths out …

As your world around you dissipates you find yourself in a temple, tall bleached white stone pillars surround you with a beautiful mosaic floor beneath your feet, sparkling with the colours of the rainbow.

You look up and realise the top of the temple is open to the sky which is a bright azure blue and the sun is shining brightly.

The walls are decorated with gold and bronze sun symbols and disks of shining metal which reflect the rays of sunshine.

There are stone benches around the edges of the temple and as you investigate, you find that one end of the temple appears to be an altar.

You make your way over to the altar and notice that in the centre is a large candle with the flame burning brightly. To each side are smaller tealight candles, most of them are already lit, but one is sitting unlit ready for you, so you take it and light it from the centre flame and set it down with the others.

Also, on the altar are dishes of incense burning, the smoke fills the air with a delicious and heady scent.

To one side are large cushions, so you pick one up and bring it to the centre in front of the altar and place it on the floor, then you seat yourself comfortably on it.

A slight breeze comes across the temple and brings with it a shower of blossom petals from the trees just outside.

You sit and watch the flames from the candles, breathing in the incense fragrance. As you sit quietly contemplating, a figure catches your eye. A person enters the temple and comes to stand next to you.

They ask permission to sit beside you …

Talk to them, ask them questions, tell them what you seek …

Listen to the reply …

When you are finished they get up to leave, but just before doing so they put something in your hand, a gift for you.

You thank them for the gift and their time and guidance.

Continue to sit here for as long as you want, know that this place is here if you ever want to return.

When you are ready, slowly and gently come back to this reality.

Make a note of the person’s characteristics, what they looked like

and what wisdom they shared with you. What gift did they leave you

and what does it mean to you?

Note: Be open to whatever god or goddess comes to you in your

meditations. Just because you sit down to work with a solar deity,

it might not be who (or what) arrives. Trust that deity, spirit and

the universe know better, if someone unexpected arrives, go with

it. Find out why they are there and what they can do to assist you.

As an example, when I tested the meditation above, I expected

to be met by a solar deity, but that wasn’t who arrived. What I

got was a visit from a being who told me he was an ancient Dali

Lama … but if you think about it, he wears lively solar colours and

spends his life living in the brightness of the sun. He was also very

honest and gave me some incredible insights.

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