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Leave It At The Door Spell by Diane Treewalker

This is a spell devised to neutralise any negative energy guests may carry with them when they enter your home, replacing it with a sense of peace and harmony for the duration of their stay.

I used a stone from my local beach as it already has the energies of all 4 elements contained within it. But any stone or flat-ish pebble will be fine as you can just invoke the blessings of the elements into it as part of your working.

The stone itself represents earth, as a volcanic stone it contains the element of fire, being from the beach, constantly washed by the tide and buffeted by the prevailing winds it also has the energies of water and air.

This spell is created in the form of a token to be placed in the porch of our house to bless visitors and ensure they enter with the right energies of peace and harmony.

Welcome guest to our house and home

May your negative energy now be gone

May the earth absorb any negative vibe

May water wash you clean of strife

May gentle air calm your turbulent aura

May fire give you warmth if you are cold

As you step inside over our threshold

The stone was blessed by passing it through an appropriate incense, the flame of a candle and then anointing it with salted water

Drawn upon the stone is a bind rune made from combining Gifu (gifts, exchanges, harmonious relationships) and Wunjo (domestic peace and contentment)

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