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KW Creativity Ritual 2024 by Heather

We are going to be making a Mandala, you will need –

A plate or other surface to design your mandala on.

A candle – your choice of colour, candle holder, matches or lighter.

A central card or picture representing creativity to you, for example, if using a tarot card, then I would choose one of the following - The Magician, The Fool, The Empress, or the Wheel of Fortune.  Alternatively, you could write something along the lines of ‘I am creative’.

Use your intuition, and what you have available, to decide which of the following resonates with you for the intention of creativity –

Crystals – amethyst, blue lace agate, moss agate, amber, aventurine, bloodstone, orange calcite, Citrine, garnet, goldstone, howlite, jade, larimar, pyrite, malachite, quartz, rhodochrosite, sodalite, tiger’s eye, tourmaline.

Herbs – all spice, basil, hemp, sage, lemon balm, ginger, bay, beech, cumin, chilli flakes, cinnamon, lemon grass, mugwort, rosemary, turmeric, mustard seed, oats, barley.

Flowers – lavender, passionflower, jasmine, hibiscus, camellia, rose, daisy, dandelion, bluebell, buttercup, carnation, foxglove, geranium, honeysuckle, marigold, poppy, sunflower, tulip, violet.

Dirt – from an artist grave, outside an artist’s home, from outside an art gallery, etc.

Other suggestions - cards, statues, paint, crayons, glitter, googly eyes!


Here we are in the Merry Month of May!  Everywhere around us we can see abundance, fertility, and growth.  The days are bright, with hopefully more chance of sun than rain, the energy is vibrant, expansive yet gentle, encouraging us to start projects or return to those that we had left dormant.

The energy of this month inspires us to get more active, meeting up with friends, attending get togethers, or taking ourselves off for a while to wander or relax in our favourite places.  Just as the sap rises in trees, our creative juices get flowing, whether that is gardening, painting, crafting, or anything else we love to do….

So today we are going give our get-up-and-go a little magical boost!

 We will now connect to each other and our sacred space.  

Take some slow deep breaths.

Visualise yourself sitting on a beach – is it sandy or shingle?

Watch the sea – are the waves ripples or rolling in?

Feel the air on your face – is it a gentle breeze or gustier?

Hold your hands up facing towards the screen, if you want, you can also join in and repeat each sentence with us –


We feel the sacred Earth supporting us,


Sense the eternal flowing Waters around us,


The caress of Air and Sky embraces us,


Our connection is strong.



Place your card in the centre of your working and say something like this - “My creative visions will come to fruition.”

Set your candle on top or to the side of your card, light it, watch the flame for a minute and then repeat your intention.

Then start placing the crystals, herbs, flowers and other items you have chosen around the card and candle.

When you feel you have completed your mandala, hold your hands over it, draw energy from the earth and the sky, channel it out through your hands into your mandala and say your intention. Snuff out the candle.

Place your creation on your altar, or somewhere you will see it every day.   Once a day, relight the candle and repeat your intention 3 times whilst concentrating on your mandala, until the candle has burnt down.  Then you can either dispose of it in the rubbish/trash, alternatively put the items into a bag, or fold them into a piece of material, or into a jar or box, to keep until you feel ready to dispose of them.


time for drinks and cake, how is everyone doing?          

If everyone is ready, we will close our ritual.



We are supported by the Sacred Earth.


We are guided by the eternal flow of Waters around us.


We can feel the caress of Air and Sky embracing us.


Our connection is never broken.



The video replay of the ritual can be found here

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