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Jupiter's Career Offering by Eva Rose

Taken from Eva Rose's Planetary Magic Branch Lesson homework

You will need:

- cardboard tube (empty toilet paper roll is ideal)

- 4 pieces of 4 herbs for your intent / what is available.  I used:

- 4 dried clover blossoms, for prosperity

- 4 sage leaves, for success

- 4 star anise, for luck

- 4 pieces dandelion root, for career growth

- Blue pen / marker

- Any additional crystals you might want to have on hand, blue candles, incense, etc. to set the mood

- Someplace to burn your offering - fire pit, fireplace, wood stove, etc. (careful which herbs you are burning, as some can be toxic or just unpleasant!)

1) Gather all of your ingredients, and have your place of burning your offering all ready.  I have a wood stove (“Swedish Oven”, it’s called here) in which I will already have a good fire burning in order to ensure a clean burn of the offering. Lacking a fire pit, have a large pot with a (blue) candle on hand to light your offering with.

2) Ground and center - stare into the flames and focus on your breath.  If possible, figure out where Jupiter is in the sky right now (I love the Pocket Universe app).  Open your mind to the planet and imagine a blue light streaming from the planet, connecting to you, filling you with its energy.  Feel that energy transfer through your hands and into anything that you will touch/charge for this spell.

3) Take the paper tube and make 2 folds on one end to close it on one side (you will make 2 more folds later on the other end, for a total of 4 folds - 4 being Jupiter’s number).

4) Working one at a time, take each herb in your hands, connect with it, and charge it with your intent.  Ask the herb to work with the energies of Jupiter to aid you in its purpose.  Let the plant spirit know what magic you need it to work for you. When you have asked the herb to assist, place it in the tube you have created.

For example:

Clover, We have need of a steady income

I ask you to lend your energy for prosperity

Sage, We have need of assistance in this time of transition

I ask you to lend your energy for success

Star Anise, We are in a time of uncertainty

I ask you to lend your energy for good luck

Dandelion, We are in a time of financial change

I ask you to lend your energy for career growth

5) Once all herbs have been added, close the top of the tube with 2 more folds.  Hold the tube in your hands and feel the pull of the energy from Jupiter flowing into the packet.

6) Take your pen/marker and draw the symbol for Jupiter 4 times around the tube, plus any other symbols or words that will help you focus on the need.

7) With intent, place the packet into the fire and watch it burn.  As you put it in, state:

Four herbs aligning four intents

All for one goal:

Financial security

Familial prosperity

I commit you to the flames

Releasing your energies to the Universe

Setting the wheels in motion

For a positive outcome.

It is done.

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