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Home Protection Jar by Sue Perryman

January is a good time of year to think about renewing or refreshing the magical protection in your home. In the past protection bottles were used to protect against witches and contained items such as bodily fluids. Obviously if that’s what you feel you want, then go with it, but today we have access to a much larger range of herbs and spices with protection properties. A Kitchen Witch uses what is to hand, so if you haven't got any of the following ingredients, use whatever you have in your kitchen cupboard or whatever your intuition draws you to use.

First smudge your home with either a smudge stick or a protection incense like rosemary or sage to clear it of any negativity.

Gather together old pins and needles, thorns and rosemary and pine needles and put the mixture in a small jar or bottle. When full fill the gaps with salt and protective herbs like basil, ground bay and sage leaves, fennel, cumin and mustard seeds or herbs of your choice. While filling the jar visualise a bright white light of protection surrounding your home and state while you work:

'Pins, needles, rosemary and pine,

in this witch’s bottle of mine,

Guard my home my family and me,

this is my will, so mote it be.'

Cap or cork the jar and seal it with the drippings of a protective red or black candle. If possible bury it near your front door during the waning moon, but if you haven't got a garden or plant pot near your door hide it away somewhere inconspicuous in your home.

Afterwards burn an incense to attract happiness such as lavender, marigold, basil, parsley or one of your own choosing.

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