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Cinnamon Prosperity Bowl by Sue James-Bristow

You will need:

A palm-sized ball of air dry clay (your choice of white or terracotta)

Ground cinnamon

Dried basil

Something to drape the damp clay over - bowl shaped

A rolling pin or similar

Tools to impress into the clay to make patterns - whatever you have to hand ( I used a cookie cutter and a clean ink stamp of a dragon) .

Acrylic paint in green and gold (optional)

Cinnamon is a warming, fiery spice that I like to use in abundance or prosperity spellwork. Carrying the element of fire and the Sun, it stimulates the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras. The spice helps to ward off negative emotions during times of discomfort. Like cinnamon, basil is also associated with the element of fire and masculine energy. I added it to my bowl to encourage money flow. It’s other correspondences include courage, abundance, prosperity and good luck. I must have read about cinnamon prosperity bowls a while back and have been meaning to make one. This is my take on them. While you work, focus on your intention. I timed my preparations so that I could carry out the final ritual on a Thursday. Let’s use all that abundance energy flowing today. Warm the clay up in your hands and flatten it out on your work surface. Take a tablespoon of ground cinnamon and half(ish) a tablespoon of dried basil. Put them into the centre of the clay. Fold the clay over like a pancake and roll it out. Fold and roll, fold and roll. You will need to keep working the clay until the herbs and spices are incorporated into the clay. If you have sensitive skin you might like to wear latex gloves.

You will smell strongly of cinnamon after this stage. Finally roll out your clay and cut out a large circle. Imprint into the clay any symbols you would like. I chose a dragon to guard my hoard. Then pick up the clay carefully and drape it patterned side down over your bowl shaped item. I used an old candle jar. I arranged the edges into wavy folds. I then left it overnight to dry. I had a little clay leftover so I made some little rune “coins” to put into my bowl. The next day I turned it up the other way to completely dry out and harden. The final stage of the preparations was to use some green and gold paint to highlight the pattern and employ a little colour magic into the bargain. When everything is dry, you are ready to work your spell.

My ritual:

Taking the bowl in both hands I focused my intention of bringing new sources of income into the home. I wrote on a slip of paper the amount of income needed and the purpose I would put it to. I put my rune “coins” on top of the paper in the bowl to start the prosperity flow. Use whatever ritual style you are familiar with. I asked the element of earth to help me find the hidden treasure I sought; the element of fire to hasten the process along; the element of air to bring creativity to my thoughts on new income opportunities and the element of water to stabilise my emotions over any money worries. The bowl now sits on my altar where I can see it everyday. The bowl is biodegradable so can be buried when it is no longer needed.

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