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What's Going On in Nature (April 2023) by Ness

Taken from April 2023 Kitchen Witch Newsletter

March brought all sorts of weather to the UK. Sunny and warm days - hurrah! - led us into a false sense of security. The cold returned and Mother Earth decided that we should have snow. Not in all parts of the UK - it went from a slight dusting to several feet depending on where you lived.

As I write this, the week ahead is set to be unsettled with showers, but much better that we have rain than frost which can cause havoc with new growth in nature. The clocks will go forward an hour at the end of March, so the evenings will be a little lighter.

As we come into April, growth is accelerating - dandelions, wild violets, grape hyacinth, wild garlic, cleavers, blackthorn blossom, daffodils and daisies - the colours are a welcome sight after grey winter days. Seeing Gorse in flower was a particular delight!

Blossom of pinks and whites - which reminds me of coconut ice - and new leaves are appearing on the trees and shrubs. Everything looks fresh and new.

Mother Earth has put her apron on, rolled up her sleeves and the regrowth now begins in earnest - roll on the warm summer days!

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