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The magic of tarragon by Vanessa Armstrong

Something came up in conversation last week and Tarragon was mentioned. I said that tarragon reminded me of the old children’s programme I used to watch which I loved called The Herbs. Tarragon was the name of dragon in it. My other favourite was Belladonna The Witch! (of course!)

Tarragon is a lovely herb – very fragrant with lots of wonderful properties – healing and magical. So what are these wonderful properties? Lets see…

Tarragon is a perennial herb which is a member of the sunflower family and is widely found in Eurasia and North America. It is a sub-species – ‘Artemisia Dracunculus’ which is cultivated as a herb for culinary uses. Its fragrant leaves are a bit aniseed, fennel, peppery and slightly sweet, all at the same time. Found in spring and summer as a fresh herb and a dried version the rest of the year unless you have a greenhouse – it is a delicate looking herb with long soft leaves.

Tarragon healing properties are numerous. In the Middle East, it was used as an aid for insomnia as well as an anaesthetic for toothache, sores to the skin and cuts. Its flavour was also beneficial as a breath freshener. The Chinese used tarragon to strengthen and protect the liver. It helped with skin inflammation, malaria, hepatitis and problems with the bowel. In Europe In the middle ages, it was used in the treatment of fevers, colds and digestive issues. The Latin name for Tarragon – Artemisia Dracunculus – means ‘little dragon’. It was believed that the plant could cure the bite of a dragon or at least a venomous reptile! The name also refers to the root system which curls around like a dragons tail. Artemisia is said to come from the Greek Goddess Artemis, known as Diana by the Romans, who was said to have given the herb to Chiron, the Centaur.

Tarragon oil is said to be very beneficial for clearing the mind and recharging the muscles in the body. Add some drops of oil with Epsom salts to a deep warm bath. Climb in, sink down into the water, close your eyes, inhale the essences and focus on the day or the week ahead.

Tarragon magical properties are confidence, courage, calming, personal growth, protection and banishing negative energies. Add dried tarragon to spell charm bags, poppets or as an incense.

Planet – Mars Element – Fire Gender – Feminine

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