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Snowflake Obsidian by Sue Perryman

Snowflake Obsidian, like all Obsidians is a natural volcanic glass containing inclusions of Cristobalite which form a white snowflake pattern.

Element: Fire

Planet: Saturn

Chakras: Root/ Base and Sacral

Magical Properties: Transformation, balance, purification, psychic ability, protection, grounding, peace, past life, Spirit/ Totem animal, shadow work.

Snowflake Obsidian is said to aid in disorders of the veins and the skeletal structure. It improves circulation and alleviates muscular aches and spasms.

Placed on the sacral chakra, this stone will calm and soothe your emotions and help you to feel centred and focused in any type of chaotic situation. It will teach you to value mistakes as well as successes and will help to draw hidden imbalances and blockages to the surface before releasing them.

Snowflake Obsidian is a very grounding and protective stone which cleanses negative energy from the environment and from your emotions such as anger, jealousy, greed and resentment, bringing inspiration and positive thoughts and ideas. It aids in balancing and purifying the mind, body and spirit.

This is an excellent stone for past life work and healing old karmic patterns and was one of the earliest stones to be used for scrying. Meditating with Snowflake Obsidian can bring insight and increase your psychic ability. It is also a useful stone to use to contact and work with animal totem/spirit guides and will aid in inner journeys to bring wholeness and healing.

Snowflake Obsidian can aid us in seeing and working on our shadow sides. It can dissolve shock, fear, blocks and trauma and can help with many types of obsession, purifying the atmosphere of negative spiritual influences and protecting us from psychic attacks. It can expand our consciousness and helps to change negative and restricting beliefs and behaviour patterns.

Place Snowflake Obsidian tumbled stones around your home to protect it from negative energy and bring positivity, balance and calmness into your life.


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