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Protection Mandala and Rune for July by Ness

Wow! Half the year gone already. It has flown by in a bit of a blur – well at least the past couple of months has. Summer is finally here; my garden is in full bloom and the sun is high in the sky as we approach the Solstice.

We have had another lot of restrictions lifted as I mentioned last blog and as I type this, we are awaiting more news on what is going to happen after the 21st June. There are whispers that there will be a delay for a couple of weeks or so, but what will be, will be. We are able to get outdoors in nature, meet up with family and friends and just enjoy the summer months ahead.

As more and more people poke their heads from the parapet, and some sort of normality starts to creep into our lives, there can be feelings of being exposed or of nervousness, which is perfectly understandable. So, this month theme is Protection...

Mandala for Protection

Black Tourmaline Rowan Berries

Amethyst Clove

Spiderweb Jasper Lavender

Tigers Eye Mugwort


Tourmaline in Quartz

Rune for July - Algiz

The rune of protection. One of my favourite runes to work with. This rune also ties in with my spirit animal of Crow. (Algiz looks like a crow's footprint). Work candle magic for protection and inscribe the Algiz rune on your candle. Carry an Algiz rune in your pocket or purse for protection while out and about. It is also the rune of re-wilding. Take things back to the basics, keep your life simple and uncluttered.

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