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July 2022 Kitchen Witch Newsletter

In the summertime when the weather is hot… What we often refer to as the height of summer, flowers are blooming the skies are blue there’s not a cloud in the sky to spoil the view (July is full of song words) and hopefully it is warm. Spend as much time outside as you can, I like to eat my lunch out in the garden and most of us love to spend our evenings sitting the garden. Just relaxing and listening to the sound of the birds and neighbours mowing their lawans. Keep saving those flower petals and any seeds that start to appear, dry them and put them away for spell work later in the year. July Magical Energy Relaxed energy; preparing, succeeding. Dream work, divination, and meditation on goals and plans especially spiritual ones. Work with nature. Rachel x

Make a Magical Bee Bath from Heather Dewhurst

So, you are probably thinking, what’s magical about making a bee bath, we see them recommended on social media every summer. However, as witch’s we imbue magic into the mundane by our intention and will. Your bee bath will be magical because of the way you put it together, whilst talking to the pollinators who come to your garden, perhaps sing, or chant to them, and as you put each part of the bath together visualize your intention of supporting many bees. As a side note, there is a folklore tradition which says to tell your worries to a bee, and they will take them away to be sorted by the universe! Beekeeper sites explain the importance of having water available for bees: to dilute honey – bees use water to control the consistency of honey and thin out honey that has crystallized, to help with digestion – like us, bees need water to for their digestion, to keep the hive cool – these amazing creatures add water to the hive and fan it with their wings, air-conditioning the space by cooling it down, to feed the babies – the nurse bees that feed the larvae need water to create the right baby food - royal jelly. For the mundane part of this, you need somewhere protected and shady, I know not everyone will have access to a garden, but a small area on an outdoor windowsill will still work. Next is a shallow dish, one that is water safe like glass or ceramic, as plastics and metals may leach into the water. If you are putting this in a garden, you will also need a flowerpot, for the shallow dish to rest on. Add some stones into the dish, if you have some you can also add some water safe crystals, for example clear quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, smokey quartz, citrine, agate. Add just enough fresh water that the tops of the stones are not submerged. Change water daily and clean the bee bath weekly. Sit and relax, chat to them whilst enjoying the spectacle of the bees, and other pollinators, dancing around your garden.

Rune of the Month from Ness Armstrong

Fehu - The rune of wealth is highlighted this month. The first - or last, depending how you work with the Elder Futhark. Wealth can mean so many things - monetary wealth, assets, a wealth of knowledge, wealth as in abundance - which can cover almost anything from money, health, knowledge, friends and family. Fehu can also refer to knowing your own worth too - your self esteem, your values. However you wish to view Fehu this month, think of the hard work you have put in to achieve your successes. You may have stumbled along the way, learned some lessons, but it has finally paid off and you can reap your rewards. In terms of monetary wealth - look after those pennies, save and spend wisely and those pounds will look after themselves!

Crystal for the month - Carnelian from Sue Perryman

Carnelian is another sunshine crystal that is perfect to work with during July. This crystal is bursting with energy, vitality, and joy, making it perfect for when you need a boost. It stimulates creativity, increases motivation, and helps to overcome lethargy and procrastination. This stone is full of life force, its powerful energy has been believed to lend courage and confidence since ancient times when warriors wore it into battle. Carnelian is said to alleviate jealousy and possessiveness in relationships, it can also help those who struggle with feelings of anger, absorbing feelings of rage and resentment. A dish of Carnelian tumblestones kept in the centre of the home is particularly useful for families with toddlers or teenagers although keep them out of reach of any little ones! The perfect stone to add a bit of spice to your relationship, Carnelian ignites passion and sexual energies, it influences female reproductive organs and is an aid to increasing fertility. A stone of ambition and drive, keep one on you at work if you are aiming for a promotion. This is an excellent crystal for those who need courage to help in overcoming difficulties or abuse of any kind including bullying in the work place or school. Carnelian is said to guard the home against theft, fire, storms, or accidents. Ancient Romans wore Carnelian rings or seals engraved with images of deities or fierce animals for protection and good luck. Carnelian amulets called “thet” were placed at the throats of the deceased in the belief that they would evoke the assistance of Isis to guide the soul safely on its journey to the afterlife. It was also connected with the sun god Ra and used to represent the eye of Horus Carnelian is believed to overcome frigidity, impotence and increase fertility. It can ease low back problems, joint pain, neuralgia and depression This stone's huge energy boost can help with exhaustion and fatigue; improve circulation, digestive disorders and appetite. Magical Properties: Grounding, protection, calm, concentration, confidence, courage, self-worth, success, creativity, negative energy, direction, control, organisation, opportunity, planning, psychic protection, jealousy, hate, anger, harmony, depression, doubt, patience, stability, vitality, joy, motivation, stamina, passion, truth, love, faith, honest, trust, luck, abundance. Element: Fire Planet: Sun Zodiac: Taurus, Leo Chakras: Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus

What's going on in nature this month from Ness Armstrong

As I write this, its mid June - 'Flamin' June' they call it - which strangely enough,isn't a description of the forecast at all but a title of a 1895 painting by Sir Frederic Leighton - interesting eh? But I digress - the weather here in the UK is finally bringing warmer temperatures and blue skies and by the time you read this, we would have had the Summer Solstice - Yikes!! Nature is just bountiful at the moment - she is in full swing! Baby birds have fledged and the young signets are growing into beautiful young swans now - their soft grey feathers making way for gleaming white ones. Stag Beetles have made an early appearance - coming out of their dark and woody recesses to find a partner to make diddy stag beetles with... In the hedgerows, plants and shrubs jostle among one another to get the best spot for pollination for their flowers. Burdock is just starting to bud now, we have pretty pink mallow, field chamomile is blooming, Ox-Eye daisy looks spectacular and brambles and wild rose are in flower too! Grasses of every description fill the pathways and fields - and they all have their own individual names - mouse barley, hairy brome, cocks-foot, smooth meadow grass. Who knew? In my garden, the apples on my tree are growing fast and everything from the tiny Lobelias to the large pompoms of the Hydrangea are showing their fantastic palette of colour - very enticing to the passing bees, butterflies and other insects. Over the next month, wheat, barley, oats, rape and peas will ripen in the summer sun and will await the first harvest of Lughnasadh.. The wheel continues to turn ...

With blessings of the month from Rachel Patterson, Ness Armstrong, Sue Perryman, Heather Dewhurst

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