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Eucalyptus - with a difference by Heather

Most of us will probably be aware of the aroma from the leaves of this stunning tree, from proprietary vapour rubs to the pure essential oil.   However, this blog is about the tree bark.

I was recently visiting a friend, who has a eucalyptus tree in her garden.  The exceeding hot spell of weather we had been experiencing, had almost overnight dropped by half to a normal seasonal level.   As we sat having tea, I noticed that strips of bark from the tree were literally peeling off, my friend informed me that this is a normal reaction to the sudden change in temperature and does no harm to the tree, then asked if I would like to collect and dry some of the bark.  She has a wood burner and uses the bark as kindling, we don’t have a fire, but I did collect some pieces.

Now dried, I can incorporate it into my poppets, mojo bags and as the woody ingredient of incense.

Eucalyptus magical correspondences –

Elements - Air and Water

Planets- Moon and Sun

Deity – Mercury, Hermes, Venus

Properties – healing, balance, clearing negativity, bringing in fresh ideas, clarity, protection, shielding, transformation, divination, dreams, purification.

Source –

A kitchen Witch’s World of Magical Plants & Herbs by Rachel Patterson

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