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Crystals for the Winter Solstice by Sue Perryman

When I decorate my altar for the coming Sabbat, I always include a few crystals and try to use them in any Sabbat magic or ritual that I might do. I was drawn to pick these crystals, and when I researched their properties I was surprised how perfect they were, especially for this year. Whether you celebrate the Winter Solstice and/or Christmas, this year is going to be very different for most of us and these crystals will, I hope, bring some positive and much needed peace and joy for this festive season.

I’ve added more crystals than I’m going to use to give a wider selection for you to choose from. Cleanse and charge the crystals with your intent before use, then either place them on your altar, around your home or pick one and keep it on you during the festivities. Whatever you do with your crystals, I hope you all have a wonderful Winter Solstice.

Goldstone: Yes I know it’s man-made, but it is a beautiful stone and still has magical properties, including the following:

Abundance, deflects negative energy, optimism, uplifting.

Snow Quartz:

Helps you to think before you speak (which can be very useful when dealing with tricky relatives)


Abundance, love, deflects negative energy


Goodwill, peace, love, de-stress

Blue lace agate:

Peace, happiness, understanding, uplifting

Moss Agate:

Happiness, abundance, peace, friendship, love, de-stress


Sun magic, wishes, calm, abundance, joy, de-stress


Peace, happiness, understanding, contentment, relaxation

Green Aventurine:

Happiness, love, peace

Orange Calcite:

Peace, abundance, positive energy


Abundance, happiness, love, sun magic, peace, de-stress


Happiness, Joy, Sun magic, abundance

Rose Quartz:

Love, peace, de-stress, happiness, calming

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