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Crystal Poultice & Crystal Foot Bath by Jane M

Crystal Poultice

I bought a quantity of rough selenite chunks on line, and they live in a cotton

drawstring bag which I use for my poultice simply by laying the bag of chunks over

the offending joint – usually one knee or t’other. I tend to do this lying down so

the poultice will stay put, and the longer I leave it the better it works. An absolute

minimum of 10 minutes is good, but longer is better. The crystals need to be

cleansed after soaking up all that discomfort, but selenite is water-soluble, so I’ll

cleanse it with incense, or with a singing bowl, or spread out on a tray on a window

sill indoors where it’ll be cleansed by moonlight, which is appropriate for selenite,

being one of the Moon’s crystals.

A Crystal Foot Bath

Some time ago I bought a half kilo of tiny, polished tiger’s eye chips on line, but

do you think I can lay my hands on them? I know they’re in a jar somewhere, but

I’ve turned the witchy room upside down and it looks like they’ve fallen victim to

our resident klepto-goblin. I imagine him living under the floorboards with all my

missing stuff, like the Borrowers. I’ve bought another half kilo, and luckily it’s a

case of the more the merrier, because it takes quite a lot of tiger’s eye chips to immerse my big old hobbit feet. So when the first lot turns up, I’ll have a much

better amount for the job.

The idea is to sit in a comfy chair with your feet in a container of tiger’s eye. A

cardboard box or large cotton bag would do fine; I’m not keen on the idea of

using a plastic bowl for this, it just doesn’t feel right. Close your eyes, take a few

deep breaths and relax, and get grounded, sending roots down through the tiger’s

eye into the earth, so the crystals pull out all the bad energy and tiredness and

send it down into the earth. At the same time, open your crown chakra to let

clean energy come in, and visualise it going through your whole body, flushing all

the grobbelies out through your feet. I’d keep this up for at least 10 minutes,

preferably longer, but it’s easy to know when your feet start to feel better, so it’s up

to the individual. Pull your newly cleansed roots back up and get centred. The

crystals can be cleansed afterwards by washing in a sieve in running water, though

they’d be awkward to dry, and would soon lose their lustre in a hard water area if

left to air-dry; or they can be cleansed by smoke or sound, same as selenite.

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