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Crystal Grid & Rune for April by Ness

The fourth month is upon us and we have now had the Spring Equinox – longer days are promised and hopefully warmer days too!

There is hope that here in the UK, lives will be getting back to some sort of normality. I don’t know about you but I feel like I’ve been ten rounds with Rocky Balboa. I’m tired, drained and feel a bit ‘meh!’

I'm thinking of when I can get back to a lakeside in my comfy chair for a bit of nature watching and course fishing, to be able to get out in my garden properly in the warm sunshine and meet with family and friends.

So, I’m thinking until those days come, a bit of self-care is needed. This month will be taking some time for ‘just you’ - work a little magic, even if it is as simple as sitting in front of a candle, focusing on your breath and the flame and just being still in your mind. Take small walks if you can, sit in your garden in the warm sun or by a window. Feel the warmth on your face.. do things that make you happy and make you feel good about yourself.

Crystal Grid for Self Care

Rose Quartz – love for yourself

Selenite – protective, calming

Blue Calcite – recuperation

Elestial Smokey Quartz – dissolves depression

Orange Calcite – happiness

Apache Tear – aid emotional healing

Rhodochrosite – reclaim joy

Snowy Quartz – calms and soothes

Rune for April

This month's rune for self-care is Sowilo or Sol meaning the Sun. This is the rune of health and healing, of warmth, positivity and strength. Each day the sun will rise bringing with it new possibilities and a new day ahead. As the hours pass, the sun grows stronger and the rays that shine upon us are warmer, filling our being, warming our souls and giving us renewed hope.

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