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Crystal: Aragonite by Sue Perryman

Aragonite is a Calcium carbonate mineral that is found in Namibia, Britain and Spain. It forms in a variety of colours from white, yellow, gold, green, blue and the popular small brown Sputnik or Star Clusters. I brought a Sputnik recently after they caught my eye in a local crystal shop, they look like large granules of brown sugar stuck together.

As soon as I picked one of these Sputniks up I felt its strong soothing and grounding energy spread throughout my body. Aragonite has the ability to clear, cleanse and balance all chakras and auric levels, but it is particularly stabilizing for the root chakra.

An Earth healer, Aragonite can be used to enhance your connection to the Earth and can encourage conservation and recycling.

This stabilizing stone will ground and centre your body, it clears unwanted anger and releases tension from past emotional wounds, it also helps those that constantly fret about past issues maintain a centre of serenity.

Aragonite has a practical energy that encourages patience, discipline and acceptance. It is good for those who push themselves too hard and combats oversensitivity.

As an aid to meditation. Aragonite can take you back to forgotten events in your distant past and past life experiences, helping you to overcome any traumas that are affecting your present life and clearing them from your mind, body and auric field. It can also aid connection with higher states of consciousness and assist in exploring higher realms.

Carrying Aragonite with you can enhance your emotional strength, confidence and feelings of love and compassion for others. It could also be used in any magical workings for these purposes.

Aragonite can assist in emotional growth and self-healing work. It can help you find that calm centre within and release attachments to emotional drama.

Physically, Aragonite is said to promote the healing and strengthening of bones and teeth, aid calcium absorption, ease pain and stop nervous twitches and muscle spasms.

Keep aragonite under your pillow or next to your bed to combat restlessness at night. It will also enhance your levels of concentration so is useful when studying or learning new skills.

Aragonite will need frequent clearing if used for healing purposes, smudging with sage or another purifying herb is perfect for this.

Properties: Grounding, centring, confidence, meditation, balancing energies, emotional stability, cleansing, clearing, love, compassion, stability.

Sources: The Crystal Bible Judy Hall The Book of Stones - Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian The New Crystal Bible - Cassandra Eason

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