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Chlorite Quartz by Vanessa Armstrong

Last weekend, I went to a fayre with some of the Kitchen Witch posse. As is usually the case, there was a stall selling crystals. Of course, we couldn’t resist taking a look and two came home with me. One of them was a beautiful quartz point with inclusions of black tourmaline. Black tourmaline is one of my favourite crystals to work with and being that little bit different – well, I just had to have it.

The other crystal came wrapped in paper as part of a ‘lucky dip’. One particular package kept drawing my eye towards it, so I picked it up, paid for it and unwrapped it, to see why it was very clearly calling me to buy it. The little polished stone inside was a Chlorite Quartz – not one that I’m familiar with but eager to learn about..

As I always do, I hold the crystal in my hand to get a sense of its energies. It has quite a strong energy and the words ‘grounding’ and ‘clarity’ come to me.

So what does chlorite quartz look like and what is its properties?...

My small stone is clear to opaque with tiny speckles of two different shades of green – these are the chlorite inclusions. Chlorite is a group name for about 10 related minerals. Its quite common and more often than not, is seen on the surface of other crystals – such as quartz. In my piece, the inclusions are very tiny but they can be quite big, almost forming a crystal within a crystal – its then known as a phantom crystal. Chlorite can be many colours – light to dark green, black or grey. Rarer varieties are yellow, pink, purple, brown and white.

Chlorite in quartz gives us a powerful combination with the properties of both crystals. The quartz, as we know, will amplify any crystal that it is in contact with. Chlorite is a crystal that is purifying and detoxifying on a physical level. It is also useful when cleansing and balancing the aura and chakras.

If you feel particularly frustrated or your mood is one of anger, chlorite will help in dissipating those feelings. It will also help you in acknowledging those energies, to work with them to forgive, release and to move forward.

Chlorite is also a stone that is good for cleansing the environment around you – good as part of a crystal grid for cleansing and releasing negative energies.

Meditate with chlorite to connect with the energies of the earth, to Mother Nature. Allow it to help you feel grounded. It is a protective stone too – pop it in your pocket or bag while out and about to feel secure. Work with it in protection spells.

As the colour green is associated with prosperity and abundance, chlorites energies are beneficial in spell work for attracting those into your life.

A stone of clarity and illumination is another attribute. It allows us to think differently about a situation or person that we might feel particularly stubborn about. Its helpful in growth and transformation of self allowing us to remove negative thoughts in being able to move forwards and upwards, enhancing your life’s desires.

“Chlorite will inspire you to be courageous, be initiative and to take risks” – definitely a crystal that is speaking to me at the moment. I for one do believe that crystals do pick us, rather than the other way around.

For a small polished stone, my chlorite sure has a huge amount of wonderful properties – I’m very much looking forward to working with it..


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1 Comment

Unknown member
Aug 28, 2019

Hi there I would definitely like to meditate with crystals but I don't know which ones to use as I feel my mind is all over the place just now,

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