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Chiastolite by Ness

Second in my crystal acquisitions is Chaistolite. This is a crystal that has fascinated me for some time with its unusual cross marking.

Holding it in my hands and closing my eyes, I again feel a grounding and protection energy from it. I also feel that it is a good stone to work with for decision making as the cross reminds me of a crossroads.

Chiastolite is formed from a variety of the mineral andalusite – the cross shape is formed graphite or carbon. It can be found in places such as China, USA, Canada, Russia, Brazil and Spain.

Researching Chiastolite, it is indeed a protective stone – protecting you from negative energies and also your energy levels from depletion.

It is an excellent stone for working with, in meditation, as it allows you to focus on the energies that surround you. It is a calming stone – carry one with you in times that you may feel overwhelmed – for example: busy high streets or places with lots of people, stressful situations at home or work, confrontations etc. This in turn will help with problem solving – seeing things from all sides and making decisions with a clear mind.

Like Malachite, Chiastolite is a good crystal to carry with you in times of travel. It offers protection to the wearer against negative energies and a safe journey to wherever you may be travelling to.

I would work with this crystal/stone in meditation if I had some decision making to do. I feel that it would present the pros and cons of a query that I had and allow me to make a decision with clarity.

Chiastolite is used in crystal healing therapy for conditions relating to blood disorders like circulation and pressure. It is also used for skeletal issues, the nervous system and the muscular system too.

It opens up the root chakra and connects you to Mother Earth, so it is, as I felt, a perfect grounding stone.

Planet: Earth

Zodiac: Libra

Element: Earth

Chakra: Root

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