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Celestite by Sue Perryman

Celestite forms in hydrothermal veins, as well as in sedimentary and igneous rock. It usually forms as a result of volcanic activity, especially near the sea. It is found in Britain, Egypt, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Libya and Madagascar and can be clear, white, grey, blue, green, yellow, orange, reddish and brown.

The most common colour is the blue-grey variety found in Madagascar which I'm focusing on in this blog.

This beautiful stone is also known as 'Celestine', from the Latin 'caelestis' meaning heavenly. It is a member of the Sulphate family and is a fragile stone that must be handled with care and kept out of direct sunlight which can fade it.

Celestite is a high vibrational crystal that opens your higher senses and connects you to the infinite peace of the celestial realms and Divine guidance. It is one of the most effective stones for accessing the angelic realm and can facilitate communication with your guardian angels and guides.

Celestite brings about relaxation and inner peace making it perfect for meditation; it will help to stop those annoying distracted thoughts from popping into your head, keeping your mind clear and focused in the process. It stimulates clairvoyant communication, intuition, psychic abilities, dream recall and out of body journeys and guides your inner spirit towards love and light.

Celestite stimulates and supports the throat, third eye and crown chakras making it an excellent stone for an overall spiritual detox. It is a wonderful healing stone, dissolving pain and relaxing tense muscles. It treats disorders of the eyes, ears and throat and calms anxiety and stress. It is especially useful as a shield for empaths who suffer from absorbing others emotional stress and negativity.

Celestite brings peace, tranquillity, calmness and harmony and helps to overcome fear and paranoia. It has a remarkable relaxing and uplifting energy and just holding or gazing at this beautiful crystal instantly lifts your mood, bringing deep relaxation and restoring your natural state of joy. It can help relieve feelings of sadness, heaviness or desperation.

It is a perfect crystal to aid peaceful sleep if kept beside your bed and will enhance dreamwork and encourage visions, it will clear and calm your mind if you tend to lay awake worrying at night. It is also often kept in healing rooms and meditation spaces because of its gentle cleansing effect on the energy fields.

A symbol of peace, celestite resolves relationship conflicts, it maintains a harmonious atmosphere wherever it is placed and improves dysfunctional relationships by encouraging peaceful negotiation.

Element: Air

Chakra: Throat, third eye, Crown

Astrological sign: Gemini

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