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Candle spell for Inner Peace by Sue Perryman

We all need an escape from the stress and strain of our everyday lives, especially with the festive season approaching and all the madness that comes with it. I can't promise that this spell will make it all disappear, but worked regularly I hope it will bring you a much needed sense of calm and peace when you need it.

You will need:

A white, pink or lilac candle A candle holder Lavender essential oil and a carrier oil ( almond, olive etc) A small bowl or dish to mix your oils Dried lavender flowers Dried rose petals A few crystals that you feel have a peaceful energy ( I used amethyst, jade and rose quartz)

Mix 3 drops of lavender oil into a teaspoon of your carrier oil in your bowl and dress your candle with the oil. Place the candle in the holder and surround it with the herbs/flowers and crystals.

Sit quietly and take a few slow deep breathes, when you feel ready light the candle and gaze at the flame. Concentrate on your breathing and the gentle glow of the flame. As you breathe in visualise the flame filling your body with a golden glow, and as you breathe out see your stress and worry expelled with each breath until your body is filled with golden light.

When you feel ready, say:

" As this candle shines so bright with a gentle glowing light bring peaceful calming energy to my life, so mote it be!"

Continue to watch the flame and let the feelings of calmness wash over you until you feel ready to face the world again. If you have time, let the candle burn down and if not snuff it and light it again whenever you need a few moments of peace. Never leave a candle unattended.

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