Candle Spell and Incense Blend for Clarity by Vanessa Armstrong

You will need:

Yellow Candle Sprig of dried rosemary Dried Lavender Dried Mint Oil for anointing candle - either rosemary, lavender or mint Piece of clear quartz crystal, or citrine Heatproof container Charcoal disc Frankincense or a resin of your choice

Place your candle in a suitable holder. Anoint the candle with any of the oils suggested. Focus your intent on the word clarity as you anoint.

If you want, you can carve a symbol into the candle too - I have carved the rune symbol Dagaz into mine for clarity and breakthrough.

Place some of the herbs around your candle along with the clear quartz crystal - if you have one. Any yellow crystals can be used too - citrine is a good one.

Light the charcoal disc and pop it into the heatproof container. Be sure to use tongs to hold the disc as it can get hot very quickly! Put a couple of small pieces of resin on the disc followed by some of the remaining herbs.

Light the candle and sit and focus on the flame. Take a few deep breaths and visualise what it is you need clarity for - what answers are you seeking? What burning questions do you have?

As the flame flickers and you focus on what it is that you need clarity for - say:

"As I watch this candle flame It is clarity that I seek Show me the knowledge and wisdom I need Let the answers speak!"

Let the answers to the questions come to you...

Let the candle burn out if it is small enough, if not snuff it out carefully.