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Candle Spell to Support Dealing with Cancer by Heather

For this, looking at cancer as basically rogue cells gone into overdrive, I have attempted to put together a spell that could work alongside the medical interventions, targeting those invasive cells.

Candle – blue, black, or white.

Oil – olive.

Herbs - bay, fennel, ginger, hyssop, juniper, mint, rose, rosemary, thyme, yarrow – or one that has meaning to you.

Symbol/ Rune/ Ogham – circle, the body part affected, Uruz, Sowilo, Duir, nGétal.

Write your petition in blue or black ink.

Lunar/Solar phase – waning moon/afternoon to sunset.

Tarot card – The World, The Moon, The Magician, The Sun, The Star, The High Priestess, Judgement, The Empress, The Chariot, Strength, The Wheel of Fortune.

Oracle card – one that resonates with you.

Crystal – amethyst, bloodstone, fluorite, hematite, jasper, labradorite, malachite, moonstone, obsidian, quartz, rose quartz, rutilated quartz, smoky quartz, selenite, sunstone, tiger’s eye.


Set up the spell, making it as complicated as you feel is required.  I have said this, because if you are doing this for yourself, your energy levels are likely to be affected by the treatments you are receiving, as well as the anxiety you are experiencing.  Keep it simple, so that you will be able to repeat the spell.

Take your candle and carve the name of the person you are casting the spell for into the side of the candle. Place the candle in a holder.

On the petition, draw a body shape, and mark the placement of the cancer(s) on the body.

Place your chosen items for the spell around the candle, whilst charging them with the intention of the cancer cells shrivelling and withering.

Light the candle whilst saying the name of the person and the cancer that they need help dealing with.

Carefully light the petition with the flame from the candle and set it to burn in a fire safe container. As it burns, visualise the cancer shrinking inside their body, recite the following while the parchment burns:

Diminish this cancer hour by hour

Make the cancer cells cower,

Make them shrink and disappear,

Banish this illness and the fear.


Concentrate on seeing the cancer disappearing, hold the image for as long as you can, allow the candle to burn down, throw any stub left in the trash.

If you can leave the spell set up, light a new candle and burn a petition daily, if possible, or weekly, depending on what you feel is needed, or that you are able to do.

You can watch a chat about this here


Sources –

Practical Candle Magic: Witchcraft with Wick & Wax by Rachel Patterson

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