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What's Going on in Nature this Month from Ness Armstrong

Spring - hopefully- should have sprung this month. Daffodils are blooming, bringing a welcome splash of colour to add to the whites of the snowdrops and the lilac and yellow of the crocuses.

February brought some sunny days with temperatures in the early teens on a day or two - and I don’t know about you, but I start to get a teeny bit excited about the warmer days ahead.

Buds are appearing on trees and shrubs and in my garden, hyacinths are just starting to produce a flower stem..

Cleavers and Wild Arum are rapidly growing and wild garlic will soon make an appearance too. Birds are starting to prepare their nests - I know this as they make a bit of a mess in my garden, getting rid of old nesting materials from the eaves.

The warmer days will start to encourage new growth everywhere in nature, but we are still at risk from a sharp frost now again and even a flurry of snow!

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