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Waning Moon Meditation by Heather

Taken from Rachel Patterson's Moon Magic book from the Pagan Portal series by Moon Books

The link to the guided meditation can be found here

Relax and make yourself comfortable, close your eyes and focus on your breathing... deep breaths in... deep breaths out... Visualise the real world disappearing.

As your world dissipates, you find yourself on a beach. The waves are crashing onto the shore in front of you and you can smell the salt in the air. As you turn around, there is a rocky landscape behind you. As you look you can see a gap between the rocks, so you go to investigate. You squeeze through the gap and find yourself in a passageway of rocks.

As you follow the corridor of rock, it suddenly opens out into a small paradise scene. You are surrounded by palm trees and in front of you is a huge waterfall. The sound of the water is very loud but beautiful. You can feel the power of it in your chest.

Make your way to the edge of the waterfall... as you get closer you can just make out a cave behind the curtain of water.

You suddenly feel the urge to step into the cascading water. You step carefully and end up standing directly behind the waterfall..It is cool and refreshing.

As you allow the water to fall over you, let go of old habits, negative energies and anything that does not serve your higher good. Let the water wash it all away.

When you are finished you feel refreshed and renewed.

Step back out of the cascading water and sit down beside it. Now take some time to think about all the positive things in your life, fill your mind with happy thoughts and new goals.

Then stand up and make your way back to the passageway through the rocks and back out to the shore.

Take a moment to watch the waves and when you are ready come back to this reality, stamp your feet and wriggle your toes.

Photo by Daniel Ghio on Unsplash

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