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Triple Goddess Meditation by Eva Rose

Taken from Eva Rose's lesson homework on The Triple Goddess

Close your eyes, quiet your breathing and still your mind. Close your mind’s eye,

and take 3 deep On your last exhale, you

open your minds eye and see yourself on top of a hill in pre-dawn light. The air is

crisp, and a sliver of a waxing moon is low in the sky. The faint sound of bird song

stirs the air as you look about. You are barefoot, and the grass is wet with dew and

cold between your toes.

You take another deep breath and see the Eastern sky begin to lighten. As you look

about, you see far below you a vast orchard, branches bare and skeletal in the pre-

dawn light.

A flicker of firelight between the branches catches your eye, and you begin your

decent. As you slowly proceed down the hill, the sun begins to turn the sky a myriad

of colors, and the bird song intensifies. As you approach the trees, the sun crests the

horizon and you stop, closing your eyes and letting the warm light bathe your face.

As you open your eyes, you see that the tree nearest you has small buds upon its

branches. Stepping closer for a look, you notice a smooth, stone path making its way

between the trunks. You feel pulled to follow it, and as you do so, you notice more and

more buds appear on the branches of the trees as you pass by.

The birdsong is nearly deafening, and you quicken your steps, pulled forward by

the promise of Spring in the orchard. Every step you make forward, seems to bring

growth to the flower buds. You break into a trot and marvel at the swelling flower

buds that you pass. As you rush headlong into a clearing filled with spring blossoms,

the flowers on the trees all burst into bloom and you laugh in delight, spinning about.

Your laugh is echoed by another light voice, and you spin about to see a young

woman plucking flowers and twining them into a crown. She smiles at your surprise,

and you step forward to greet her. She introduces herself as the Spring Maiden and

tells you her name. She gestures you forward and asks you questions about yourself,

your hopes, your dreams. You remember the childlike wonder you had and feel hope

and possibility well in your heart.

You speak with her a while, and when you are ready, she sets the flower crown

upon your head and says: “With this crown, may your inspiration grow, and light up

your heart to aid in making your dreams a reality. Go now, and seek who you can


You close your eyes and she kisses your forehead, as gently steers you back toward

the path leading deeper into the orchard.

As you make your way through the trees, you notice that the petals are starting to

fall and the leaves are poking out. Small green apples appear and swell before your

eyes with every step. The Sun creeps higher into the sky, warming the air and drying

the dew from the grass. Branches start to bend under the weight of the ripening

fruits, and the sound of bees and other insects overtake the sound of birds.

As the apples are turning red, you step into another clearing, this one filled with

row after row of berry bushes. A tall, stately woman is picking berries into a basket

that is slung over one arm. She turns to greet you and gestures toward the ripe

berries and an empty basket sitting on the ground. You pick up the basket and work

silently, side by side with the woman, picking berries. You can’t resist, but to pop a

sweet raspberry into your mouth. As you close your eyes to savor the flavor, you feel

the hot sun beating down on top of your head.

The woman speaks:

“I am the Mother, the giver of Life and Abundance. What is it that you wish to

achieve? What projects do you want to give life to?”

Keeping your eyes closed, you think on this question. When you have your

answer, you open your eyes and she hands you a small berry tart, still warm. As you

turn toward the orchard path once again, you take a bite and reflect on all the work

that went into baking it - from seed, to berry, to baked good.

The air is still and heavy as you make your way along the path once more, the air

filled with the sound of crickets and grasshoppers chirping and buzzing. Slowly, a

slight cooling breeze rustles the leaves, and cools your skin. You notice the bows of the

trees are bending heavy under the weight of red, ripe apples.

As you step into yet another clearing, you notice the the sun is hanging low in the

sky, and the air has a definite crispness to it. The leaves are tinged with yellow, and

the sound of apples thumping to the Earth causes you to turn and look about the


A strong looking woman, with silver touches in her hair and fine lines about her

eyes and mouth from years of laughter is striding purposely toward you. She greets

you by name and gestures about the clearing at piles of pumpkins, apples, dried corn

stalks, and other vegetables.

“I am the Matron, the Accomplished One. I have spent my life working hard, and

now is the time to enjoy my harvest. What have you accomplished? What have you

worked for and achieved? How did it change you?”

As you ponder her words, you think back on challenges you have faced. You reflect

on who you were and who you have become. The obstacles you have faced and how

they made you who you are today.

The woman smiles at you and hands you a perfect, red, ripe apple and sends you

on your way. You bite into the apple and marvel at its taste, and savor the reward of

hard work well done.

You walk onwards into the darkening forest, your feet crushing on the fallen

leaves. The sky darkens and it lit only by the starlight filtering through the bare

branches. As the air grows colder, you feel a prickle of concern about the encroaching


But them, through the trees, you spy a twinkle of firelight. You hurry your steps

as you begin to shiver, guided only by the promise of warmth ahead and the stars


You rush forward into a clearing, and approach a giant fire. The snow begins to

fall, and you notice an elderly woman bent over the fire, stirring a pot. She smiles at

you, her wrinkled face showing kindness and wisdom.

“Welcome Child,” she says “You have come to the end of a journey. The path

behind you was filled with life, and now the path before you is filled with the

unknown. How does that make you feel? What wisdom have you gained that you can

take into the darkness ahead? What gives you comfort?”

You stare into the flames, and stretch your hands out to warm them while you

think on what she has said. When you have found your answer, you turn to her and

see her holding a steaming mug out to you. You take it, and she sends you out into

the darkness. As you take a sip of the warm cider, you glance back over your shoulder

and see the woman’s face in the flickering firelight. For an instant, she looks just like

the Spring Maiden again.

Your turn and continue into the trees, holding on to the wisdom that you gained

on this journey, and know that it will repeat itself again and again.

The air starts to have a whisper of warmth, and the trees slowly start to fade

around you into mist. You slowly become aware of the your breathing again. When

you are ready, become fully aware of yourself, wiggle your fingers and toes, and take a

sip of water.

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Inspiring meditation thankyou

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