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Travel Protection Spell by Heather

Taken from Rachel Patterson's book 'Spells & Charms' published by Moon Books

A video of Heather working through the spell can be found here

This travel spell brings protection by using the energy of the east and the air.

You will need:

A pebble

Paint or marker pens - colours for protection are black, dark blue, purple, white

Incense to represent air (lavender, mint or pine are all good)

Light the incense and sit facing east, if possible, with your pebble in front of you. Visualise having a safe journey. Then draw or paint an equilateral triangle with a line drawn across just above the base line. This is the symbol for air. Or if you prefer, draw a cloud or some wavy lines, something that represents air to you.

Next hold the stone up facing east and ask for the blessing of air for safe travel. Then carry the pebble with you.

On a safe return, pop the pebble in the garden, returning it to Mother Nature as a thank you.

This then got me thinking about how else to use pebbles, which lead to me contemplating a pebble travel altar. You could have ones to represent deity, marked with the symbols for male and female, or just a central stone marked with the symbol you associate with Spirit, as well as ones for the elements. Or just one large flat stone marked with a combination of these that resonates for you.

Pebbles can be heavy, so I then wondered about those camping or going abroad, where weight restrictions might be an issue. Discs of wood or strong card would both be viable substitutes.

If you are going to do this, what ideas do you have?

photo from Unsplash

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