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The Magic of Fossils by Ness Armstrong

One question that often gets asked is “are fossils magical and can they be worked the same as crystals?” My answer to that is a resounding “YES!”

Fossils are the preserved remains or traces of remains of ancient organisms. Fossils are not the organism itself however. Fossils are not just limited to animal species; feathers, shells and leaves can all become a ‘fossil’. The word ‘fossil’ can only be applied if the remains are about 10,000 years old. Wow! ..and that is just the baby fossils. Some of the oldest ones recorded are said to be 3 billion years old. Mind boggling!!

Fossils are a relatively rare thing though. Most things decompose before they have a chance to be fossilised. In order to become a fossil, the organism needs to be covered in sediment very soon after it dies. Sediment being a sandy seafloor, lava or resin. Over many years this sediment will seep gradually into the organism. Not all organisms will be fossilised though – it must have a skeleton or bony parts; teeth and shells also come into this category. This process won't work though with something like, for example, a worm. I mentioned resin earlier as one of the sediments needed in order to create a fossil. We may sometimes recognise this as tree sap or amber. This can preserve other delicate organisms like insects. Blog on Amber to follow ;-)

So, although fossils are a little different from our usual crystals that we work with, they are still from our earth and can be worked with magically and for healing.

Ammonites are a well-known fossil – these are the remains of a sea animal. They look like a spiral which as we know represents the cycle of life, death and rebirth. Sand dollars are another well-known fossil. These look like a pentagram as they have a natural 5-point design on them. My lovely friend Sue Perryman wrote a blog on sand dollars. You can read about them here..

When we look at a fossil, what comes to mind?

Fossils are usually looked upon as items of protection. They can be placed around your home or put on your altar. They also represent the element of earth but depending on what the fossil is, can also represent other elements – for example, a fossilised feather for air etc.

They are ancient, so can be useful in past life work. They can also be an aid when working with magic concerning longevity and preservation.

Because of their main connection to earth, they are brilliant to ground with and to promote stability. Work with fossils for wisdom and strength. They represent time and evolution. Work with them to stimulate your mind, enhance clairvoyant ability and aid in journeying and astral travel.

They have a calming and soothing energy too which will help in healing and feelings of contentment and relaxation.

I have a turritella stone which is the fossilised remains of lots of tiny freshwater snails. Although it could correspond to the element of water, it is said to be connected to the element of earth, to your roots and ancestry. It is a stone of survival, of strength and protection.

I was also gifted an ammonite, as a token of the continuing spiral of friendship and family.

Fossils may not always look as attractive as some our more brightly coloured stones and crystals that we work with, but they hold as many magical properties and are definitely worth investigating!!


National Geographic

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