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Summer Solstice Tarot Spread by Sue Perryman

I don’t know where the time is going, but we are now half way through the year. As well as celebrating the Summer Solstice and hopefully some good weather, it is a great time to re-evaluate our lives and ask ourselves a few questions about where we need to direct our energies for the remaining half of the year. I would love to see your spreads and hear what answers you received in the comments below.

1. What can you learn from the last 6 months?

2. What needs to be released from your life?

3. Where should you direct your energies right now?

4. What area of your life needs guidance right now?

5. What should you be focusing your energies on for the next six months

6. What area of your life needs illumination?

7. How can you attract abundance to your life in the second half of the year?

8.What opportunities should you look out for in the next six months?

9. A message from your higher self.

A link to our page where you can leave comments is here

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