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Rune of the Month ~ Algiz by Ness Armstrong

February - Disting or Disablot in the Norse Calender -

new beginnings as we prepare the lands for planting.

For this month, we look at Algiz. It is a rune of protection but is also connected to the spirit of the land and animal. Although Spring is showing signs of its imminent arrival, its is still likely to be cold and wintry this month.

Take this month to connect with the spirits of the land, get to know your area where you live. Connect with the trees and plant spirits, the animals that you see, the fields, hedgerows and shoreline. If you are in a city, connect with the what is beneath the concrete, find signs of nature within it. You will be surprised what you can find if you really take a look.

Look after yourself too this month, take time for you, keep warm and safe!

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