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Spring Equinox Guided Meditation by Sue Perryman

Taken from Rachel Patterson's best selling book Grimoire of a Kitchen Witch

Make yourself comfortable, close your eyes and focus on your breathing, deep breaths in....and deep breaths out....

As the world around you dissipates, you find yourself standing on a muddy track with fields either side of you. The sun is shining and the sky is a beautiful clear blue.

In the distance you can hear noises, a dog barking, chickens clucking and sheep bleating.

A dog comes suddenly dashing down the lane towards you. He was the source of the barking. As he reaches you, he barks some more and turns and disappears back down the lane, so you follow him.

The earth is very wet and muddy underfoot, but you are dressed suitably and your boots make lovely squelching noises in the mud.

You follow the lane around and it opens out into the yard of a farm. It is surrounded on three sides by sheds and outbuildings, with a large tractor parked to one side.

As you reach the yard, you see a bucket sitting in the middle of the pathway. You pick it up and realise that it is full of corn. As you lift the bucket, hens and chicks come rushing out of one of the nearby barns. You take handfuls of the corn and scatter it on the ground, the chickens and baby chicks start to peck at it with great gusto.

Once the bucket is empty, the hens start to head back to their barn, followed by all their tiny chicks, so you follow them too.

Inside the barn, it is warm and smells of hay, the hens start to make themselves comfortable on bales of hay while the chicks snuggle up to their mothers. As you wander around you realise that all around the barn, nestled into the hay, are freshly laid eggs, and you still have the bucket with you, so you start looking and picking up all of the eggs and putting then into your basket. As you pick up each egg, you think about the circle of life, of birth, living, death and rebirth and what it means to you. The egg is a complete symbol of this.

In among the eggs you spot something. You know it is a gift for you, a gift that has meaning. You pick it up and focus on it, what does it mean to you? What message does it carry? You think about it for a while then place it in your pocket.

Once you are finished you put the bucket of eggs by the barn door and make your way back out to the yard, retracing your footsteps across to the muddy lane and head back down to where your journey started from.

Slowly and gently come back to this reality.

Wriggle your fingers and toes and stretching your arms and legs, open your eyes..

The recording of the meditation can be found here

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