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Shamanic Quartz by Sue Perryman

I recently visited a crystal fair with friends, we were looking at one stall when one of my friends handed me a crystal and said 'look at this '. The crystal was about the length of my thumb, with a rough base and a polished  rounded top, it was mainly clear with beautiful internal phantoms  and had a thick layer of reddish-brown inclusions; the entire thing was like looking at a coral sea bed through clear water. It also had a VERY strong energy.

I held it up to the light to get a better look and saw tiny silver sparkles covering some of the inclusions, I thought I saw something move inside it, but on closer inspection I decided it was a trick of the light, I was instantly fascinated though, and couldn't put it down. I asked the stall holder what it was and she said it was  Shaman Quartz. I hadn't heard of it before, but had to have it, and as it wasn't too expensive I treated myself.

When I got home I cleansed it with water and placed it on one half of my large quartz geodes, where I left it for 24 hours. I like to meditate with a new crystal before I research them, so the next day, that is what I did.

At first I held the crystal in my left hand, which is more receptive to energy ( it may be different for you, particularly if you're left handed) I closed my eyes and tuned into the energy. It was incredible and one of the  most powerful crystals I have ever held, it sent a pulse of strong energy shooting through my whole body almost immediately, and made me feel much more alert and focused than I had been all day. It would make a perfect energy booster whenever you need one too. When I felt ready, I opened my eyes and  held the crystal in my hands and really looked at it, turning it over and gazing through it at the strange shapes that the inclusions made.

I soon became mesmerised by the images that presented themselves to me at each turn, they drew me in and I could see mountains, canyons and forests, faces and animals. Fairly soon I slipped into a trance - like state, I was a bird of prey, possibly an eagle, soaring and swooping over the mountains, canyons and forests, the sky was a beautiful clear blue and the sun shone brightly. I revelled in the feeling of total freedom as I rode the warm thermals. I won't go into a complete description of my experience as some of it is personal to me. It was a truly amazing experience though, and I was surprised how quickly I'd been drawn into it.

Later that day, I started my research, and it turns out I was pretty spot on with some of my own feelings with the crystal. Shaman stone has many different names, including Shamanic dream stone, Vision stone,Landscape quartz, Chlorite Shaman quartz, Lodalite, Scenic quartz or Garden quartz. It's a clear quartz crystal filled  with beautiful internal layers, phantoms and white, green and/or orange/brown mineral inclusions such as : chlorite, fluorite, rutile, hematite and mica.

Shaman quartz is a powerful journeying crystal, it that will aid and support during  meditation,visualisations, trances and astral travel. It is strongly associated with Mother Earth and can help you to discover and connect with your power animal.

With practise, Shaman quartz is an excellent tool for scrying, problem solving or obtaining answers, concentrate on your question or problem and gaze into the crystals depths to receive your answer. It  also  absorbs negativity and clears stagnant energy from any environment and energy body.

Each shaman quartz stone has a different landscape within, just waiting for you to explore and share in its wisdom. The various colourful mineral inclusions also add their own properties. Chlorite can help with self realisation and releasing regrets from past experiences. Fluorite provides protection and discernment. Rutile provides protection and enhances inner journeys, it can also aid with problem solving. Hematite dissolves negativity and grounds and harmonises the body, mind and spirit. Mica enhances the connection to the higher self, sharpens intuition and helps with getting to the root of the problem, it may also be used for clearing cellular memories and the ancestral line.

Shaman quartz works best with healing the subtle energy layers rather than the physical body. It connects well to all the chakras, particularly the crown. It can be a powerful tool for those looking for insight, answers, clarity or  guidance and an aid for inner journeying, meditation and visions.


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