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Self Care Spell by Vanessa Armstrong

As the days start to get shorter and we retreat inwards, now is the time to think about YOU! To nourish and sustain your mental and physical health. Taking some time once a week, if you can, just for you.

This simple candle spell may be all you need to recharge, regenerate and replenish – a few minutes to sit and gaze at the flame in front of you – breathing slowly in and out, clearing your mind and focusing on your breath and the candle. As you sit still, you may wish to meditate – what do you need to do to give yourself a bit of YOU time? Walk in nature, have a long soak in a bubbly bath, relax and read, or if life is really just too hectic, as I mentioned earlier, just a few minutes in front of a lit candle to just clear those thoughts for just a while..

A white candle is ideal for this, it promotes purity and peacefulness. Add some crystals that you like, if you have some – Rose Quartz for love, Carnelian for vitality, Jasper for stability or Tigers Eye for balance and harmony, but go with what you are drawn to..

Light the candle, sit in front of it comfortably and focus on its flame.. you might want to sit quietly or you can say..

“As I light this candle white Let my mind and thoughts be clear Show me what I need to take care of myself And the love I have for Me, I hold dear..”

Remember to take this time to recharge and rest, or meditate on what you can do to give yourself the self care that you deserve..

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