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Candle Spell for Prosperity by Heather

Each of us will have our own vision of what being prosperous means, adapt the ideas presented here, to match your intention.  The following are suggestions of what to use for this spell, as always go with your intuition and what you already have in your cupboards.

Choose you candle – green, gold, purple, orange, brown.

Oil – almond, sesame, sunflower.

Herbs – basil, bergamot, cedar, chamomile, cloves, cumin, dandelion, frankincense, ginger, honeysuckle, jasmine, mint, nutmeg, patchouli, pine, poppy, rose, sage, sesame, sunflower, black tea leaves.

Symbol/ Rune/ Ogham – currency sign, infinity symbol; Fehu, Gebo, Wunjo, Jera, Dagaz, Othila; Duir, Quert, Edad, Onn, Muin, Gort.

Write your petition in green, purple, or gold ink, write it on toy cash, or foreign currency note.

Lunar phase – waxing to full.

Solar phase – sunrise to midday.

Tarot card – Wheel of Fortune, Ten of Pentacles, Knight of Pentacles, Page of Pentacles, the Empress, the Star, the World, Ace of Pentacles, Six of Pentacles, Nine of Pentacles, Ace of Cups.

Oracle card – one that resonates with you for prosperity.

Crystal – green aventurine, bloodstone, goldstone, moss agate, malachite, pyrite, sunstone, tiger’s eye, citrine.

Additional items – coins, chocolate, nuts, seeds, rice, seashells.


Suggested chant –

Richness of oils and herbs so sweet,

Bring prosperity to me and make it neat.

Now come in and bring it to me,

Candle magic, provide abundance to see.


You can see a variation of this spell here


Sources –

Practical Candle Magic: Witchcraft with Wick & Wax by Rachel Patterson

Kitchen Witchcraft Crystal Magic by Rachel Patterson

A Kitchen Witch’s World of Magical Food by Rachel Patterson

A Kitchen Witch’s World of Magical Herbs & Plants by Rachel Patterson

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